Canadian philosophical association

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custom mark, logotype + identity elements

This project involved the creation of a monogram and logo for use on websites and stationary for the Canadian Philosophical Association. The design of the mark is based on the bilingual and ambigram-like nature of the acronym ACPA, which translates the Canadian Philosophical Association into 'L’Association Canadienne de Philosophie, treating the languages as balanced and equal. The form tips its hat to the phi symbol (φ) often used in philosophy to denote a generic act. The C and the P evoke the bowls on either side but the C reaches across to the P to suggest collaboration and activity (the Association primarily functions as a community resources encouraging collaboration through conferences etc.), and the A becomes a directional element that also suggests mountains/forward movement/North. The red is the official ‘Canadian’ red, and the logo was designed to work in multiple arrangements, portrait, landscape and wide, for different contexts of use.

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