VCD study abroad 2017

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identity + elements

This collateral was developed in collaboration with my friend and colleague Prof. Christopher Darling, to promote and brand our Study Abroad trip to Dublin, Glasgow, London and Paris in 2017. Paper aeroplane illustration by Christopher. Originally planning a simple revisit of our 2015 trip to Dublin and London after Finals week, we added Glasgow and Paris to the agenda and squeezed it into our Spring Break instead. This was a sprint that took in many places of interest in the four cities with respect to illustration, typography, printing history, design innovation, architecture, food and photography. We visited the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, the Glasgow School of Art, had amazing animators Stephen McNally and Thomas Knowler share pizza and their work with us in London, and ate baguettes and nutella while sheltering from the rain and listening to a musician on the Seine.

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