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energetic alpha

AIGA Dialectic (Summer 2018) Journal Article: Mooney, A., Martens, M., & Rinnert, G. “Designing Energetic Alpha: A Research-Based App to Support the Teaching and Practice of Letter-Writing.” Dialectic, 2.1 (Issue 3) (2018). This paper is a research outcome of the ongoing collaboration, Energetic Alpha co-authored with Assoc. Prof. Gretchen Rinnert (VCD) and Assistant Prof. Marianne Martens (iSchool).

tacit synthesis

Design Research Society (June 2018) Paper: Co-authored paper with Associate Prof. Jillian Coorey Tacit Synthesis: Typography as Research published as part of the Design Research Society, DRS Catalyst 2018 Edited Conference Proceedings.

istd north america

Typographica ISTD Feature (September 2017) Article: ISTD — Building an international community of typographic practice: The International Society of Typographic Designers’ Annual Student Assessment scheme expands to include North America